Non-contact drives for rotating equipment.

Increase the reliability of your installations and save up to 50% in energy costs with our contactless couplings.

The non-contact coupling is the solution for alignment problems, vibrations and peak loads

Why Qupling?

Maintenance costs

Increase the life time of bearings and seals Decrease maintenance costs

Energy savings

With our innovative solution, you can save up to 50% on energy.

Fair cost price

We offer competitive prices that are in line with market standards.

Easy installation

Our coupling can be quickly and securely installed without hassle.


About Qupling

What does Qupling do?

Qupling is market leader in the field of the magnetic coupling technology Our products constist of the most advanced non-contact magnet couplings

Because of our most efficient patenten technologies in combination with our own productie facility we are able to maintain short lead times.

Qupling strives for affordability with the highest quality.

Our products

Couplings for installations
From 1 TO MORE THAN 3000KW.

Qupling magnetic non-contact coupling
Qupling magnetic non-contact coupling
Qupling Energy saving magnetic non-contact coupling

Our clients

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